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45 Main Street

Box 732

Morrisburg, Ontario




Telephone:  (613) 543-2823

Toll Free:    1-888-543-2823 

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Taking a stroll past the Seaway Valley Pharmacy is like taking a stroll down memory "Lane", thanks to the community commitment of pharmacy owners Gord and Scott Lane who commissioned artist Mike Kelly to create the mural adorning the walls and facade of the pharmacy.  Created during the summer of 2004, the mural creates some historic interest in our area and shows our gratitude to the many pioneers who worked hard to make this a progressive area.  The mural serves to enhance and compliment the historical themes of this community, like those portrayed at Upper Canada Village.

The facade of the building where the door is located depicts a replica 1900's pharmacy, known as an apothecary, which was moved to and restored in Niagara-on-the-Lake by the Ontario Pharmacists Association.  The rest of the mural, the north and west walls, are not actual depiction's of anything specific, only ideas, that Mike Kelly put together, with ideas and photos supplied by the Gord and Scott, and the many people that stopped by daily to view the mural in process.  The west wall of the Pharmacy mural is meant to depict a typical scene from a park along the old Seaway in Morrisburg.  The North wall of the building is filled with a vast number of details to demonstrate the hustle and bustle of a boomtown.  It is a stylized/ idealized portrayal of an old time busy main street from the vary late 20s and very early 30s.  The north wall depicts the boom years in this area, which was the time of Dr. Locke.  It was depression time everywhere else but this was a boomtown, because of the people travelling to be touched by the healing hands of Dr. Locke.  You will see Dr. Locke in the mural looking at his watch.  The significance, is that we'd like to hink he's still "watching" over the area.

There have been many other murals created in the area, however, this remains on of the most centrally located and most enjoyed murals.